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Terrain 1
Acrylic on Canvas
Glows in Black Light!

Price: $250.00

Gary Schulte

Gary Schulte was born In Vista, California just north of San Diego. Gary is a self-taught artist. At 14 he began drawing which quickly blossomed into illustrating. Gary became a tattoo apprentice at the age of 18 and spent the next 25 years honing his craft. During his career he specialized in graphite and colored pencil, mastering styles of Black and Grey, Organics, texture, bio mechanical, Japanese and American traditional tattoo. After Moving to Fargo, he was inspired by the abstract art in the area and began painting. Gary began exploring bright colors, black light paint, bold long strokes, and textures, as well as pour paintings. Paint pouring is his way of sharing his art with his girlfriend. After pouring about 4000 canvases, they have developed some beautiful pieces together. Over his life he has found that reinvention has been a reoccurring theme through his art, life, and spirituality.  Art is therapy and a form of Meditation for Gary.

Gary believes that all God did was create, so when you’re creating- whether at work, cooking, or in the arts- you are standing next to God.


Dragon Scale
Acrylic Pour
Glows in Black Light!

Price: $100.00


Acrylic on Canvas

Price: $100.00

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