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Hollie DeFrancisco
Acting Secretary

BFA, Jacksonville University
2550 18th St S #103
Fargo, ND 58103
Gallery Manager/ Admin Assistant Spirit Room
August 2018

Hollie DeFrancisco hails from the eastern shores of Massachusetts where her creative journey began. As a young girl she was fascinated with fantasy, fairytales, and horror movies, often peering through cracked doors to watch snippets of Nightmare on Elm Street and Sleepaway Camp long before such activities would be deemed appropriate. Enthralled by the wonder, mystery, and nervous energy it produced she grew. Eventually, Japanese Animation made its way to America and the beautiful colors, intricate plots, and spindly characters swept her away.

In 2010 Hollie graduated from Jacksonville University with a Bachelors in Fine Arts where she honed her skills, blending inspirations from Western Comics, Manga, and campy horror films. Hollie delights in creating whimsical creatures and approachable nightmares, focusing mainly in acrylic paint, ink, and watercolors.

Hollie DeFrancisco, currently the Gallery Manager for Spirit Room, has been represented by and exhibited her work in group shows both nationally and regionally in galleries including: Alexander Breast Gallery, Underbrush Art Gallery, 8th Street Art Gallery, Spirit Room, and The Rourke.

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