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Kristen Young
Practicing Artist

Kristen Young, a beloved Spirit Room volunteer, has taken up temporary residence in our Gallery II space. She will be using the space to create new large scale whimsical paintings.  One Saturday every month Kristen watches our gallery spaces, assisting our guests with questions while working on her craft. Kristen is also known to work on her pieces mornings and early afternoons, and sometimes after Monday or Tuesday night yoga (if you're looking for a way to catch the elusive lady at work.)

Rusty Truck

Oil on Canvas

Price: $1000.00

dragonfly kisses.png

Dragonfly Kisses

Oil on Canvas

Price: NFS

sealion solo.png

I paint focusing on the texture, color, and carefree or childlike representation of images. Photographs that I or my husband have taken, or images from books found by family members, become a rich resource for poses and inspiration. The artists I feel have most influenced my work are Vincent Van Gogh, Dr. Seuss, Georgia O’Keefe, and John Lurie.

Sealion Solo

Oil on Canvas

Price: $300.00

Kristen, with support provided by the NEA and MACA, will be hosting a series of painting workshops here, and at other locations. Follow us on Facebook, or follow Kristen on Instagram @KristenYoungArt, for updates and availability. 

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