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                                                  Painting for me is a very vulnerable experience. Having always struggled                                                          with anxiety, it has become my outlet of expression while also substituting                                                      into a meditative experience. Painting soothes me, and in that thought I                                                            strive  to bring the same calming effect to others. 
                                                  I am originally from Dayton, Ohio, where I acquired my Bachelors of Fine                                                          Arts. Being creative is something I knew I loved at an early age, but it was in college where my true love for painting grew. I have been in the Twin Cities for about five years now. The decision to move to Minneapolis was completely impulsive, with a tip from a friend and a desire to explore the artistic community that exists here. 
I gravitated to painting very quickly in life, mainly because I feel at ease when painting. I strive to exude that sort of calm ease within my work as well. To the audience my paintings speak with emotion. My paintings tap into the viewer, reminding them of something within their lives that is nostalgic and meaningful. My work has been a diary for anyone, showcasing emotion through ambiguous figurative pieces.  
Recently I have been inspired to bring it back and pay homage to the masters. I had recently discovered Malcom T. Liepke, and was in awe with his work,  how it depicted something from Degas, or John Singer Sargent. I thought to myself, “I want to paint like this”. My recent work I have been wanting to really grab emotion.  My moto lately has been to keep things simple, paint what makes your heart hurt. I aim to create work that is reminiscent of my paintings in the past but speaks more volume, packs more punch and with less chatter. 
My process usually stems from one experience or emotion. I collect imagery that pieces together like a college what best represents my emotions at the time. I find so much value in using my surroundings for paintings and strive to be more vulnerable with my work.


Artist Statement

Intimate Moments are often overlooked. They are tiny pockets of experiences that give us a soft feeling of just being.  These small, fleeting moments are what I cling to. They breathe life into my doubt of things.  They don’t have to be anything of grandeur or importance, they can simply be noticing a good light that glows in a way that brings you peace in the moment. That’s all it needs to be, just a moment you have to yourself that makes you stop and appreciate.


This work is a collection over time.  They embody personal moments that I feel and take to the canvas. Not being the best with my words, I often deal with this by visualizing my thoughts.  It’s not always clear what the thought was that I had, so it forces one to search within themselves and find their own intimate moment to reminisce.

Jessica Meeks

Intimate Moments

jmeeks poster.png


acrylic on canvas

Price: $370.00



acrylic on canvas

Price: $280.00



acrylic on canvas

Price: $520.00



acrylic on canvas

Price: $520.00

smeared 2.jpg


acrylic on canvas

Price: $405.00



acrylic on canvas

Price: $520.00

If you are interested in purchasing a piece from the exhibit or have questions,  feel free to contact us!

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