Zen Meditation

creative, contemplative, healing arts

Zen meditation at the Spirit Room is postponed until further notice.  We are meeting virtually by Zoom on Monday evenings from 7-8:15pm.  If you are interested in joining us, please email fmmeditation@gmail.com


No experience necessary. 

Format includes:

15min seated meditation

walking meditation

second segment of 15min seated meditation

We conclude with a shared reading and brief reflection.

$5 donation suggested

Buddhist Meditation - Shamata and Tonglen practice

creative, contemplative, healing arts


Following our Dharma Book Club meet up. All welcome, no experience necessary.

Currently on hiatus - check back for updates.

$5 suggested donation

FM Family Meditation

creative, contemplative, healing arts


All are welcome.

Format includes: 



(Breathing techniques, body awareness, meditation)

Walking meditation

Wisdom talk

Lovingkindness closing


$5 suggested donation 

Vipassana Meditation

creative, contemplative, healing arts

Vipassan Meditation at the Spirit Room is postponed until further notice.


Meets: Tuesdays 7:30-9pm

Experiencing reality "as it is."

No experience necessary.

$5 suggested donation

The Art of Relaxation with Nate Hanson

creative, contemplative, healing arts

the art of relaxation3.png

Meets: Thursdays 7-8:00p,m

In this class we will explore the deeper meaning of 'relaxation,' what it does for the body, and how to do it.
For the relaxation practice, we will lie down and guide our awareness through the body, from head to toe, in a way that has been shown to ease tension, reduce pain and bring about a sense of physical well being.
Come in comfortable clothing, bring a notebook and pen if you wish. 

$10 suggested donation

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Classes are held seven days a week. Please visit our schedule for class time.

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