The Great Winter Crow Show at the Spirit Room, held in alternate years, is a noncompetitive festive exhibition. It is intended to be a mad combining of energies and visual ingredients. The theme is the crow, the blackbird, and all their marvelous and malevolent associations. The crows and ravens keep us company in the wintertime and continue to remind us with their squawks and pacing that they keep a close eye on our behaviors and movements. Crows are known to play catch with twigs, to slide down snowy hills on their backs head-first, to soar and dive for entertainment, to carry shiny objects back to their nests for contemplation, and to collect hallucinogenic seeds in the fall, saving them to bring color to winter-white boredom. It gets slow in the winter for people too, a good reason to celebrate “the uncanny crow.”

The Reverend Henry Ward Beecher said in the mid 1880s, “If men had wings and bore black feathers, few of them would be clever enough to match the crow.” This is a chance to put on your thinking cap and share your talents and good humor by entering the Great Winter Crow Show.

General Guidelines:

Entry per piece is $5.

Entry Fees: Entry fees may be paid in person, online, or over the phone.

In person: By cash, check, credit/ debit card during Gallery Hours: Monday-Saturday 1-5pm

Over the phone: Credit/ debit card

Online: select the donate tab, or send money through paypal to


To enter the Crow Show, all deadlines must be met. The following contract must be submitted either by email as an attachment, online through our jotform (submission through jotform acknowledges your agreement to terms,) or by mailing/ delivering to Spirit Room, 111 Broadway, Fargo, ND 58102 or emailing to Include a visual image of your entry. Those conflicted by a digital entry form should contact the office for help with the submission at 701-237-0230.

Literary and performance art will be limited to a composite of 30 minutes beginning promptly at 6:00 pm February 27th, 2020. Entries will be first-come, first-serve.

Deadlines Entry Registration Forms are available on-line, in person, and by email and must be submitted by Friday, February 15th, 2020. Art Delivery to the Spirit Room will be between February 15th – 22nd from 1:00-5:00pm. Artists will pick up art work Saturday, April 25th through May 2nd from 1:00- 5:00 or by arrangement.The opening reception is Thursday, February 27th, 5:00 to 7:00 pm. 

Presentation Guidelines: The artwork must be ready to be hung. Frames, mats, and wiring must be professional quality and in good condition. Wiring must be substantial enough for the weight of the artwork. All paintings must be framed or gallery wrapped with fully painted edges. Two-dimensional works on paper must be framed and under glass/ Plexiglass. No saw tooth hangers will be accepted. All freestanding sculptures must have felt pads attached to the bottom. A label with your name, piece title, medium, and price must be affixed to the back of each piece.

Liability: The artist agrees to display their work at their own risk. The Spirit Room accepts no responsibility for theft, damage, or loss of artwork. Artists are encouraged to insure their work. The Spirit Room will use its usual practices to protect the work, including security. (No thefts or damage to art work has occurred in the history of the Spirit Room.)

Sales: A sales commission of 30% is charged by the Spirit Room. That amount is to be included in the prices submitted to the Spirit Room. The Spirit Room will collect North Dakota Sales Tax on all sales of art work at the rate of 7.5% of the 100% sale price to the art patron. The tax will be submitted to the ND State Tax Commissioner. This means that the artist does not need to pay tax on the sales.

Agreement: The exhibit will remain intact until the closing of the exhibit. The gallery is not to be treated as a sales gallery with the primary intent of selling work. Instead, the gallery should be viewed as an exhibition space providing an educational experience for both the artist and the community. Artwork purchased will be picked up following the closing of the exhibit at which time payment for purchase is completed.

Contract with Artist: Submission of the following entry form constitutes an agreement by the artist to abide by all details of this prospectus.

For online entry form visit here:

Kristi Swee Kuder is an artist, 2016 St. Catherine Womens Art Institute alumni, LRAC McKnight Fellow and MSAB Artist Initiative Grant recipient. She applies textile processes to wire and wire mesh to form her artistic expression. Intrigued by this common and ethereal material, Kuder works with wire mesh because it has the unique ability to both reflect and filter light, as well as be delicate yet strong. Her creative passion is fueled by the examination and expression of the contradictory and ambiguous aspects of life. 

Kristi Swee Kuder received her BS from Minnesota State University - Moorhead, MN. Kuder's works have been featured in solo and group exhibitions regionally, nationally and internationally. Most recently her work has been featured in  Surface Design Journal's International Exhibition in Print: Soft Borders, Sept. '19 issue. A full time artist, Ms. Kuder maintains her studio near her residence at Otter Tail Lake, MN.

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