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Kaiva Rose
Tarot, Astrology, Reiki


Once upon an adventure, in 2007, Kaiva Rose, a whimsical young lady, wandered down the tree-lined streets of Minneapolis, MN, exploring her new home. Unknown to her, this was to be one adventure that would change her life forever. Behind the decorative iron gate, a sign reading "Stone Henge" hung upon a white victorian house. Instantly intrigued, she entered into the magical portal from which she has never returned. Kaiva Rose began studying Mystic Arts and Energy in the year 2007. Crystals and gemstones were the first tools she used to understand energy. After receiving her first certificate in Crystal Healing, Kaiva began reading Tarot, becoming familiar with the Chakra Energy System, Astrology, Yoga, and taking courses in herbalism and flower essences.

In May 2007, Kaiva took a journey to the Amazon jungle to study "Spirit Medicine" through the University of Minnesota. This experience introduced her to a multitude of tools for feeling and understanding energy. For the next 5 years, Kaiva settled into her teachings, continued to study daily, cultivated practice, and cleaned up her personal health.

Once upon an adventure, in 2011, Kaiva wandered into another life-changing experience in a mysteriously perfect way. Beyond the green decorative iron gates, a mystical Buddhist temple awaited. All things Kaiva had studied, believed, intuited, and practiced took a more profound meaning when she became a Buddhist. Everything seemed to fit perfectly into this Buddhist practice, from the altar she had set up for meditation to the poetry she had written. Through Buddhism, Kaiva was encouraged to practice a morning and evening ritual of devotion to the enlightenment of all.

The story continues in length, but in truth, this is the point when all things merge together. From 2012 to - present, Kaiva has completed various certifications and apprenticeships. She now offers her services as an Astrologer, Reiki Master, Energy Therapist, Tarot Reader, Healthy lifestyle consultant, and Yoga Instructor.

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