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Traveling Exhibitions

a poster for Kristen Young's art exhibition "The Bear" depicts a colorful representation of a bear set against a lake and straw background in highly saturated colors. The piece is created using oil paints and beeswax.

Kristen Young Artist Statement

 I paint focusing on the texture, color and carefree or childlike representation of images.  I try to communicate with the play between positive and negative space that exists.  Photographs that I have taken or images formed in my imagination  from books that I’ve read become a rich source for inspiration.  the Artist that I feel have recently influenced my work areVincent Van Gogh, Dr Suess, Georgia O’Keefe and John Lurie.  I received a Bachelor of Arts with a concencentration in painting in 2003. My enthusiasim and curiosity for creativity inspires me to see the best in others and myself.

I am honored to paint a series of 10 images that will be focused on the Bear by Andrew Krivak as part of the National Endowment for the Arts Big Read Program.

We have become a world that is compass centered around figuring everything out and making, and or depending on devices that keep everything in sync. This book turns the modern world inside out, and gives you the perspective of relying on the natural world, and becoming in tune to  its functions in all its intricacies to survive with only a little help from human made devices such as a compass, bow and arrow


This book creates a space of natural understanding, and learning where you can escape from the world of overstimulation. In my paintings, I am trying to reflect these ideas in the images. I create with primary colors and simplified form. I have also used collage, incorporating, stained glass, sheet music, literature, and maps.

An oil and beeswax painting depicting a bright round moon hanging over a frosty ocean surface

Moon and Tide

In “The Bear,” the moon and  tide are referenced how they affect one another. Also, the moon is used as a way for them to tell time, and quite often the girl references it in her travels.  I chose to have the moon reflecting in the water in  remembrance of her mourning her father’s death and the long period of time she slept without knowing the passing of time.

The Bear Story 

This painting is about the repetition of stories in this book and the passing down of information through nature which also mirrors that of a story or a song when animals communicate.  I feel like this painting portraits a beautiful balance of nature that tells a story when you look at the images inside it.  

I hope the viewers feel as though they are looking at a Fairy Tale.

An oil and beeswax painting depicting a hazy sunset sky hanging above a treeline. A colorful and textured depiction of a bear walks through high grasses at the viewer.
An oil and beeswax painting of a colorful depiction of a bear standing in front of a lake and straw field. A round moon hangs overhead.

The Bear End

I created this piece from a photograph my Grandfather, Ralph Rehder, took in Yellowstone in October of 1948.  The Bear was standing on a log which reminded me of how he stands on the relics or bones of the past. He got to that point by following the stories of those that came before him.  A very beautiful image of communication between the ancestors, both animal and human in sync with the communication of the planet.

These pieces and more are on display during September and October at the West Fargo Public Library. 

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