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Nathan Hanson
The Art of Relaxation

Nathan Hanson, inspired by his experience with obtaining his black belt in Tae Kwon Do at age 16, decided to expand his studies into kung fu, tai chi, yoga, and dance. In 2016 he became a Certified Structural Integrator and attained a license from the North Dakota Board of Therapeutic Massage. Nate’s goal is to provide resources and support to those interested in exploring the relationship of posture, coordination, and relaxation.


The Art of Relaxation is an education based approach to physical wellness, which empowers individuals with the tools needed to experience rest and rejuvenation in their everyday lives.

When we explore the felt sense of our bodies, in a comfortable and supportive space, we can begin to see how healing and a sense of vitality are possible in any situation. 

The Art of Relaxation integrates the modern understanding of the body with ancient healing practices, creating a relatable and effective approach to physical wellness.

The practice can be adapted to fit the needs of any individual, group or business. Each service is able to be modified to last 30 minutes, or several hours. The techniques involved can include lying, sitting, standing and moving practices. They are each designed to improve coordination & postural alignment, as well as cultivate a feeling of physical ease, oneness and presence. 


Private sessions take place on a traditional massage table and also involve sitting, standing and walking exercises. Each session utilizes a combination of breath awareness, visualization & movement cues to create new patterns of movement and activate the natural healing capabilities of the body.

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